About Me & PocketPrimer

Hi, I’m Julie! Thanks for stopping by.

About Me

I worked with windows mobile devices and windows phones for more than 15 years.  I was a Windows Phone MVP for 8 years and now I’m a Windows Insider MVP.

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I live in Georgia.  I hold BBA and Masters of Science degrees in Decision Sciences, and I’m currently working for a biomedical company as an Informatics Analyst….I mine data.

I love gadgets & gizmos, but my true loves are my dogs, Gracie & Raven, and my cats, Bert & Ernie, reading, flowers, needlework, coffee, and music. I write about those things on my Fun Food Life! blog.

About PocketPrimer.com

I created PocketPrimer.com when Windows Mobile devices were called Pocket PCs.  In the beginning, I just wanted a place where I could document and organize the information I had gleaned from all the places on the web I’d visited for my own benefit, but then I thought other people would also enjoy reading some of my articles.

I lost many of my original Windows Mobile articles when I had to transition PocketPrimer.com to WordPress.

Some Final Notes About Some of My Personal Preferences

My chosen devices are predominantly Windows oriented devices, but I carry an Android phone.

I rely on Microsoft desktop software in my professional life. I am proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio and have a working knowledge of Access.

I currently use Outlook 2013 on my desktop computer in conjunction with my Outlook.com accounts.

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