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click to view my MVP ProfileHi, I’m Julie! Thanks for stopping by.

About Me

I’ve worked with windows mobile devices for more than 15 years, and during that time I’ve accumulated quite a collection of Windows Mobile devices and Windows Phones.  I was a Judge in the Smartphone & Pocket PC Best Software Awards in 2007 and 2008, and I’ve been awarded the Microsoft MVP in Windows Phone every year since 2008, so I guess I know a little something about Windows Phones.

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I live around Atlanta, Georgia, where I’ve worked in various roles such as software training and support, marketing analyst, consulting manager with a large international consulting firm, and project manager…and I taught college business courses for several years at a large university in Atlanta.  I hold BBA and Masters of Science degrees in Decision Sciences. I’m now working as an independent consultant.

I love gadgets & gizmos, but my true loves are my dogs (Milo & Gracie) & cats (Bert & Ernie), books (you can find me on BookLikes), flowers, needlework, coffee, and music. I have another website and blog, called Fun Food Life! where I write about those things. Click the picture above to check in with me over there if you feel so inclined.

About PocketPrimer.com

I created PocketPrimer.com when Windows Mobile devices were called Pocket PCs.  At the time I was using an iPaq h1940 and an iPaq hx2415 and was spending a lot of time answering questions on HP’s IPAQ forum. In the beginning, I just wanted a place where I could document and organize the information I had gleaned from all the places on the web I’d visited building my knowledge of Windows Mobile, but then I also thought it would be easier to share my knowledge with others by writing detailed tutorials to address some of the more complicated questions I saw in the forums. At the time, the articles I published here were created directly from my Pocket PC.

You won’t find many of my old Windows Mobile articles here now because I lost many of them when I had to transition PocketPrimer.com over to WordPress. I republished some of the more popular Windows Mobile articles, which you can find by clicking the Windows Mobile menu at the top of the screen. Let me know If you don’t find what you need and I’ll check my backed up archive of old Windows Mobile articles  to see if there are any more I can republish and share with you.

I’ve still got my old Windows Mobile devices/phones, but now I’m using a Windows Phone as my day-to-day device and most of the articles you’ll find here are focused on Windows Phone.

Over the years I’ve observed Microsoft creating, merging, discontinuing, and rebranding many of it’s products and services. Nowadays, Microsoft’s strategy seems to be about building the best cloud services around, as well as creating the best services and products to support its cloud services. The devices used to access Microsoft’s cloud services are not so important any more and are really just a matter of user preference. For this reason, you’ll see more and more of my articles being focused on how you can maximize your use of these cloud services from a device.

I love how Microsoft is evolving its Windows services to provide a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices.  I look forward to seeing how it evolves in the coming months and years.

I test out the things I write about before I publish my articles and I try to make my articles as easy to understand as possible. But I might miss some things, so if you need clarification or have some constructive input you’d like to share, please feel free to post comments to the articles or instant message, tweet or email your questions to me.

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Some Final Notes About Some of My Personal Preferences

My chosen devices are predominantly Windows oriented devices: Windows Phones, Windows 8.1 tablets and Computers.

I rely on Microsoft desktop software in my professional life (Office 2013). I am proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio and have a working knowledge of Access.

I currently use Outlook 2013 on my desktop computer in conjunction with my Outlook.com accounts.

I have some familiarity with Office 365, having used it with a past employer, but am not using it at this time.

Contact Me

You can instant message me on Skype (profjulie), tweet me on twitter (@profjulie) or email me at profjulie at outlook.com.

If you’ve got some issues with your phone, please create a thread over on the Microsoft Answers Windows Phones forums.  I’m a community moderator over there and spend a lot of time posting as @ProfJulie. If I see your thread I might post a reply to it, but you’ll also get the benefit of receiving replies from the other Windows Phone enthusiasts and experts who hang out over there.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you around here again soon,