Adobe Reader for Pocket PC

AR2 I often see threads on Pocket PC forums where users report issues installing Adobe Reader to a WM5.0 or WM6.x Pocket PC.  Because of these difficulties, there is a misperception that Adobe Reader for Pocket PCs is not compatible with these devices.  But I installed Adobe Reader to both my WM5.0 and WM6.x devices and the software works fine.  I encountered a problem when I installed the software to my first WM5.0 device, but the problem appeared to be with the installation wizard and not with the Adobe Reader application.

Problems installing the application?  Just use the CAB file!

Download Adobe Reader for Pocket PC Version 2.0. (I uploaded the cab file to my OneDrive space since it is no longer available on Adobe’s website).  Download the file to your computer, then select it and let the installation wizard prompt you through the reset of the installation.

A quick overview of software installations via ActiveSync connection

Most of the time, when you install an application to your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device via ActiveSync connection, you start off with an .exe file and the installation wizard extracts a .CAB file from the file you downloaded and places this file into a folder on your computer.  If your Pocket PC is connected to your computer and ActiveSync is running, the installation wizard transfers the .CAB file to your Pocket PC and the application gets installed.  Upon completion of the installation, the .CAB file usually gets deleted from your Pocket PC, but remains on your computer.  If your Pocket PC is not connected to your computer or if the installation is interrupted or unsuccessful, you can usually find the .CAB file somewhere on your computer.

The file you’ve downloaded from my OneDrive space is a .CAB file so you won’t be installing the software via an ActiveSync or WMDC connection as described above.  Instead, copy the arceARMen_usr.CAB file that you just downloaded from OneDrive directly to your Pocket PC  or Windows Mobile device either by copying the file directly to a storage card and then inserting the storage card into your device or by copying the file to your My Documents sync folder and then syncing the file to your device.

Once the .CAB file is on your device, use the device’s file explorer to navigate to the file, tap it and an installation wizard will install the application to it.

Tagging and Reflowing PDF files

AR1Most PDF files are optimized to be displayed on a large computer screen.  If you use a different PDF viewer on your Pocket PC or if you copy a PDF file directly to it, you’ll probably have to scroll from left to right and back again to read each line of the document. An advantage of Adobe Reader for Pocket PC over the other mobile PDF Readers is that it can tag PDF files in such a way that they can be reflowed to fit in a Pocket PC’s small screen.  If the PDF file has never been tagged, the reflow option in Adobe Reader on the Pocket PC will be grayed out and you won’t be able to use it.

When you install Adobe for Pocket PC, the installation wizard adds a file conversion option to ActiveSync that enables ActiveSync to tag PDF files.  When tagged PDF files are synced to the Pocket PC, they can be reflowed to fit the Pocket PC screen by tapping an icon on the lower edge of the screen (see the 7th icon from the left in the Adobe Reader screen shown here).  The tagging option does not work for all PDF files and may not work perfectly.  To enable this feature,

  • Open up ActiveSync on your computer (I don’t think WMDC  can do this),
  • Select Tools > Options > Rules tab > Conversion Settings button > Desktop to Device tab
  • Locate and select the Adobe PDF file type > Edit button > select the down arrow to the right of the dialogue box and choose Adobe Acrobat Tagged PDF Converter.
  • When you sync PDF files to your Pocket PC, ActiveSync will attempt to tag the files.

PDF Conversion Settings PDF Conversion