Troubles texting pictures and other media on your phone?

Most modern cell phones provide a way to send and receive short text messages via SMS (Short Message Service) and to send and receive short text messages with attached photos, videos and music via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). SMS (Short Message Service) is used to send text only messages MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is used […]

Working with Documents on a Windows Phone via the Office Hub

You can view and work with Office 2013 files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) from your Windows Phone by opening up the Office Hub on the phone. The Office Hub “places” screen is where you can access the folders and documents that are stored on your phone, any email attachments received to your Microsoft email […]

Pairing & Unpairing Bluetooth Devices with Windows Phone

Pairing a Windows Phone to another Bluetooth enabled device is pretty easy to do, but you might be disappointed when you do it.  When I got my first Windows Phone – a Samsung Focus (WP7) – one of the first things I tried to do was pair it with my Bluetooth keyboard.  The phone paired […]

Receiving & Saving Bluetooth Shared Files on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 uses Hubs and application sandboxes to store and access user files. You can browse and access the files that are stored on the phone by accessing the hub or app that is used to view and work with the file.  Files that are stored on a phone must be associated with a […]

The Files App Finally Gives Windows Phone 8.1 a File Explorer

Microsoft published a “Files” app to the Marketplace around the end of May that is compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 only.  The Files app enhances the phone’s functionality by providing the phone with File Explorer type access to user files. I finally got some time to spend exploring all the goodness that the Files app […]

You Can Assign Custom Ringtones to Text Messages

The Windows Phone 8.0 Update 3 brings the ability to assign custom ringtones to text messages, and you can assign a unique text message ringtone to individual contacts After you install this update, you’ll know who’s texting you without even looking at your phone! You can also use custom ringtones for more things— instant messages, […]