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Get Windows Mobile Applications Here

windowsmobile Microsoft closed down its Marketplace for Windows Mobile devices on May 9, 2012 and the Windows Mobile OS has been  discontinued. Many developers who used to create windows mobile software have moved on to support and develop for more modern mobile platforms and the pool of Windows Mobile apps is getting smaller and smaller every day.

But you can still find software for a Windows Mobile device at some websites.

Links to Third Party Websites

These third party websites still sell and distribute Windows Mobile software:

Links to useful Windows Mobile software that you can get

Here are some links to some windows mobile software that you might find useful:

Link Description Free Paid
Adobe Reader 2.0 Adobe PDF Reader for Pocket PC – download CAB file from my OneDrive folder. The name of the file is arceARMen_usr.PPC_2577.CAB – Click the file to download. x
CoPilot Live 8 GPS Navigational software x
Office Mobile 2010 Official version. Can be installed on WM6.5 devices x
Office Mobile 2010 Unofficial version. x
PIM Backup Backs up contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, call history. x
SKTools Maintenance utility software x
Spb Software x
Total Commander File Explorer x

You won’t find Windows Mobile Software for Some Popular Apps

Many popular apps that you might want to use on a windows mobile device just are not available for this platform either because the developer discontinued them or, as is the case with many newer services, the developers of these services never created a version of their software to run on Windows Mobile devices. Some popular apps that are NOT available for windows mobile devices include:

I’ll try to keep this article updated to keep it relevant, and I’ll add more software links as I become aware of them. You’ll find my most up-to-date set of relevant links on my Delicious bookmarking service page – relevant links will have the #Windows Mobile tag.

Please share links to Windows Mobile software in the comments below.

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Windows Phone can announce your incoming callers by name

Your phone can announce your incoming callers by name if you enable the “speech for phone accessibility” option that is found by going to Settings > ease of access > tap the ON/OFF toggle:


When the “speech for phone accessibility” toggle is turned to the ON position the phone will announce the name of the person who is calling you if the person’s phone number is found in the phone’s people hub, otherwise the phone will announce the phone number of the incoming call.

NOTE: If you don’t find the “speech for phone accessibility” option when you go to Settings > ease of access then your phone (make/model) does not support the feature and you won’t be able to use the feature. The “speech for phone accessibility” feature is regionalized, which means it is not available worldwide, and the feature must also be enabled by the OEM and/or carrier before it can be used. 

The feature is available on Windows Phone 7 and 8.

Share Videos or Pictures via Bluetooth Connection

Sharing videos and pictures with other Bluetooth enabled devices is easy from Windows Phone 8. Videos and pictures that you create on the phone are stored in the camera roll album in the Photos hub on the phone.

Within the camera roll album, tap any video or picture you want to share, then tap the three dots in the lower right hand corner of the screen > share…

wp_ss_20130524_0003 wp_ss_20130524_0005

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Consolidate & Convert VoiceMail Messages

If you receive voicemail messages via email, you may have encountered a problem listening to .wav formatted messages on your Windows Phone.  Apparently some service providers use old codecs for their .wav formatted messages that are not compatible with Windows Phone.

I ran into this problem with voicemail messages I received from a service I use. I figured out a quick and easy way to convert the .WAV messages to .MP3 format that can be played on my phone.  All you need to do is: Continue reading Consolidate & Convert VoiceMail Messages

Windows Phone & Ringtone Profiles

Windows Phone 7 does not include any kind of ringtone profiles that allow you to automatically program how incoming phone calls are received on the phone. I’ve come up with a workaround that addresses this deficiency well enough to suit my needs and thought I’d share it here for anyone who might be interested.

First, I created a “silent” ringtone and synced it to my phone.  I assigned this silent ringtone as the system-wide ringtone on my phone:

  • Download my silent ringtone (this ringtones complies with all the requirements of using a custom ringtone on windows phones, so no editing is necessary)
  • Sync the silent ringtone to your phone
  • Assign the silent ringtone as the system-wide ringtone on your phone by tapping Settings > ringtones+sounds.  Tap the Ringtone option and select the Silent ringtone from your list of custom ringtones.

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Toggle FM Radio sound between headset and phone speaker

When you listen to the FM Radio on a Windows Phone, a wired headset must be plugged into the phone because it acts as the FM radio antenna, but that doesn’t mean you can only listen to the radio through a wired headset.

To listen to the radio through the phone speakers, open up the FM Radio by tapping the Music+Video tile on the Start screen, on the Zune screen, tap radio,

FM1 (5)FM1 (4)

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Create Audacious Ringtones for your Windows Phone

Ever since the Windows Phone operating system was upgraded 7.5 (also known as the Mango upgrade), you can use custom ringtones on a Window Phones, but for Windows Phone 7.5 devices, there are some very specific requirements that must be followed in order to use custom ringtones, namely the ringtone audio files must:

  • be in MP3 or WMA format
  • be less than 40 seconds long (make it no longer than 39 seconds to be on the safe side)
  • be no larger than 1 mbs
  • not be protected with digital rights management (DRM)
  • be assigned to the RINGTONE genre in its metadata

With these requirements in mind, you can create ringtones from your favorite tunes or you can download already formatted ringtones and sync them to your phone.

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Dear Windows Phone App Developer

I’ve used a Windows Phone now for more than a year and I’ve tried out many different third party apps.  I’ve uninstalled lots of apps that weren’t ready for prime time use, and I haven’t installed several apps that sounded interesting, but didn’t offer some core functionality.

Here’s a list of the things I look for in an app before I decided to install it: Continue reading Dear Windows Phone App Developer