Consolidate & Convert VoiceMail Messages

If you receive voicemail messages via email, you may have encountered a problem listening to .wav formatted messages on your Windows Phone.  Apparently some service providers use old codecs for their .wav formatted messages that are not compatible with Windows Phone.

I ran into this problem with voicemail messages I received from a service I use. I figured out a quick and easy way to convert the .WAV messages to .MP3 format that can be played on my phone.  All you need to do is:

1. Sign up for a free YouMail account.

I’ve used YouMail for several years to replace my mobile carrier’s voicemail service.  YouMail provides some nice controls over voicemail, but you don’t have to use it to replace your cellphone voicemail unless you want to.

2. Set up YouMail account to email your voicemail messages to you as attached MP3 files.

After you’ve signed up for YouMail, change your account settings by selecting Settings > My Alerts (found under the My Account heading) > set the “Email Alerts” options to receive email “when someone leaves you a voicemail”, to format your email alerts as “HTML E-Mail” and to include audio attachments as MP3 files, as shown in the  screen print below. 

YouMail will convert WAV files that are forwarded to your YouMail account to MP3 files and then email your voicemail messages as MP3 files.

YouMail Email Alerts

3.  Forward your .WAV voicemail messages to your unique YouMail email address.

When you set up a YouMail account, you were required to associate it with your cellphone number.  Your unique YouMail email address is the cellphone number you used when you set up your YouMail account + (it will look something like

Now go change the email account that your voicemail service provider uses to delivery your voicemail messages to you from your original email account to your unique YouMail email address.  If you are unable to change the email address directly with your voicemail service provider, you can forward your received email to your YouMail email address (perhaps by setting up a Rule in your email account).


An added benefit of setting up a YouMail account is that you can also use MagikMail, a windows phone app that works with YouMail, to organize and manage all your voicemail messages (if you feel so inclined).

I hope you find this workaround useful.  If you have any questions or can contribute feedback to this article, please post a comment.