Filtering Contacts in the People Hub

When you create a new account on windows phone by going to settings > email + accounts, you can also choose to sync the contacts that are included with the account, along with any related email, calendar, and tasks.

emailaccounts2If you don’t want to sync the contacts at all (so contacts are NOT stored on the phone at all), you would edit the account in the email + account settings to remove the checkmark in the box next to “Contacts” under the “Contact to sync” heading.

Contacts that are synced to a phone can be hidden from view in the People hub via the phone’s People hub filter settings.





This article describes how you can toggle the contact filter on and off.

To filter the contacts that are shown in the Windows Phone People Hub:

Open up the People Hub on the phone

Tap the three dots in the lower right hand corner of the screen > Settings


Tap “filter contact list”


Scroll down the contact list and tap the box to the left of each account to enable or disable the view filter, according to your preferences:


  • Tap the ON/OFF toggle to view or hide contacts without phone numbers
  • Place checkmarks in the boxes next the accounts whose contacts you wish to view in the People Hub.
  • Remove the checkmarks in the boxes next to the accounts whose contacts you do not want to view in the People Hub.

In this screenshot, you can see that the contacts from the microsoft and profjulie accounts are set to display in the People Hub, and the contacts from the LinkedIn and the gsu accounts are hidden from view.

Filtered contacts are not removed from the phone – they are still stored on the phone and they will show up on contact searches that are performed through the email, messaging or search options on the phone.