Get Windows Mobile Applications Here

windowsmobile Microsoft closed down its Marketplace for Windows Mobile devices on May 9, 2012 and the Windows Mobile OS has been  discontinued. Many developers who used to create windows mobile software have moved on to support and develop for more modern mobile platforms and the pool of Windows Mobile apps is getting smaller and smaller every day.

But you can still find software for a Windows Mobile device at some websites.

Links to Third Party Websites

These third party websites still sell and distribute Windows Mobile software:

Links to useful Windows Mobile software that you can get

Here are some links to some windows mobile software that you might find useful:

Link Description Free Paid
Adobe Reader 2.0 Adobe PDF Reader for Pocket PC – download CAB file from my OneDrive folder. The name of the file is arceARMen_usr.PPC_2577.CAB – Click the file to download. x
CoPilot Live 8 GPS Navigational software x
Office Mobile 2010 Official version. Can be installed on WM6.5 devices x
Office Mobile 2010 Unofficial version. x
PIM Backup Backs up contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, call history. x
SKTools Maintenance utility software x
Spb Software x
Total Commander File Explorer x

You won’t find Windows Mobile Software for Some Popular Apps

Many popular apps that you might want to use on a windows mobile device just are not available for this platform either because the developer discontinued them or, as is the case with many newer services, the developers of these services never created a version of their software to run on Windows Mobile devices. Some popular apps that are NOT available for windows mobile devices include: