greetings from my pocket

Hi! I’m glad you found me. My original blog, which was also called “from my pocket” went dark a few weeks ago and I’ve just now had some time to bring it back online. Here’s a short explanation of what happened.

GoDaddy, who hosts my blog, discontinued the software I used to create it. So I’ve had to learn WordPress and then transition my blog articles over to it. The truth is I should have moved over to WordPress a long time ago.

So now I republish blog articles….

Before my blog went dark, I made sure I had most of my still relevant articles backed up to my computer, so I’ve managed to republish the articles that I think I still relevant here (sorry if you’ve been seeing some old articles pop up in my RSS feed).

If you landed here by clicking a link you found in a forum thread, try searching the blog for it via the Search box found in the sidebar to the right.  If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, send me an email and I’ll check my backed up archive for any old articles that I can republish and share with you.

Windows Phone:  I’ve republished most of my Windows Phone articles, although the permalinks for those articles are lost and so none of the old links work any more. Here are some links to my most popular Windows Phone articles:

Windows Mobile: I’ve republished some of the Windows Mobile articles that were still getting a lot of traffic, but I’m not planning to republish many more articles since the Windows Mobile OS has been discontinued for eons (in mobile technology terms anyway) and I’m not sure how relevant those old articles are to anyone any more. You can find the Windows Mobile articles that are currently posted to the blog by clicking the Windows Mobile menu option at the top of the screen. You can also click any of these links to find the popular Windows Mobile articles that are posted here: