How to Sync Email and Account Related Data to a Windows Phone

When you create a new account on Windows Phone by going to settings > email + accounts, you can choose how often you want to sync the data between the account and the phone by tapping the area under “Download new content” and selecting from the available options you find there.

emailaccounts1download ma

The options you see when you tap the “download new content” box will vary based on the type of account – see the screenshots below

Google account: POP3 account:
download google download pop3

Manually Syncing Data to a Windows Phone

There are a couple of ways you can force the phone to sync all of the data related to an account by manually initiating a sync.

Manually Sync via the Email + Accounts Screen

Manual Sync

Go to Settings > email + accounts

Press and hold your finger on the account you want to sync until a menu pops up. Select the “sync” option from the popup menu.

In this screenshot, I am syncing the profjulie account.




Manually Sync When Viewing Email

Manual Sync2

Open up the email account as if you are going to view the emails in the inbox.

Tap the sync icon.







When an account is synced, either automatically or manually, the email is updated and any changes, updates or edits to Calendars, Contacts, or Tasks are also synced to the related account (if the account is set up to sync these items).