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You can share your calendars with other accounts. Sharing calendars is especially useful for families (i.e., sharing a family calendar with all members of the family), for groups (i.e., sharing a calendar with your baseball team), and for work teams (i.e., sharing a calendar with a project team).

Sharing a Calendar

To share an Calendar with another account:

Log into the Calendar you want to share from a computer browser.

Click the Share option found in the black navigational menu, then click the calendar you want to share from the list of calendars (you’ll see a list of four calendars in the screenshot below)

Calendar Share1a

Input the email address(es) for the other account(s) you want to share the calendar with in the space provided

Calendar Share2

Select the sharing permissions for the person(s) you are sharing the calendar with by clicking the down arrow next to “Co-owner” and choosing one of the options shown:

  • Co-owner – the person you share the calendar with has all the same rights as you
  • View, edit & delete items – the person you share the calendar with can view, edit, and delete appointments
  • View free/busy times, titles and locations – the person you share the calendar with can view the time, subject, and location of appointments
  • View free/busy times – the person you share the calendar with can see busy or free time slots on the calendar, with no detail of the subject or location of appointments

Calendar Share41

Click the Share button when you are finished.

Viewing Shared Calendars

Now when the people you’ve shared your calendar with log into their Calendar, they can view your calendar (or filter it from their view) by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and selecting or deselecting your shared calendar from the list of calendars shown.

Calendar gear options1


Remove or Modify Sharing Permissions

You can remove calendar sharing permissions or change the calendar sharing permissions at any time by returning to this share screen. Then click the person whose sharing permissions you want to remove or change.

Calendar sharing

  • To completely remove their permissions, click the “remove permissions” button.
  • To change their sharing permissions, click the down arrow to the left of the permission sharing box (in the above screenshot the permission sharing window currently shows “Co-owner”) and change the permission level to the level desired.
  • Click the Close button when you are finished.


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