Sync your Windows Mobile 6.x Phone to your Windows Live account

NOTE:  This article was originally published in March 2012. In May 2014, Windows Mobile devices stopped syncing to a Windows Live ( account.  It appears that Microsoft disabled this ability on their end and does not intend to enable this ability again.  The steps that are outlined in this article no longer work.

I decided to leave this blog article active on my blog more for historical reasons since it is linked to some of my forum posts in the Microsoft’s Community forums.

Windows Mobile 6.x devices can sync contacts and calendar data directly between a Windows Live/ account via Microsoft’s Hotmail/ActiveSync Access service:

1. On the phone, click on “ActiveSync” under Start menu or under Programs. Then select Menu (found on the bottom right hand side of screen) > Add Server Source


2. Input your windows live email address in the space provided.  Remove the checkmark in the box next to “Attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings automatically. Tap Next.


3. Enter in the Server address field. Leave the checkmark in the box next to “This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection. Tap Next.


4. Enter your full Live/Hotmail email address in the User name field. Enter password. Leave Domain blank. Tap Next


5. Select the data you want to sync. Hotmail supports all 4 data types via ActiveSync.  Tap Finish.


6. The device will connect to Hotmail ActiveSync and perform an initial sync of the selected data (assuming the device is connected to the internet).


To make sure you don’t lose any data when you set up an Exchange/ActiveSync connection on your windows mobile device, please be sure to back up your contacts and calendar data to the storage card you use with your phone before you set up this connection.  If you don’t already have backup software installed on your phone, go download and install PIMBackup.