Filtering Contacts in the People Hub

When you create a new account on windows phone by going to settings > email + accounts, you can also choose to sync the contacts that are included with the account, along with any related email, calendar, and tasks.

emailaccounts2If you don’t want to sync the contacts at all (so contacts are NOT stored on the phone at all), you would edit the account in the email + account settings to remove the checkmark in the box next to “Contacts” under the “Contact to sync” heading.

Contacts that are synced to a phone can be hidden from view in the People hub via the phone’s People hub filter settings.





This article describes how you can toggle the contact filter on and off.

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Using the Outlook Hotmail Connector

Windows Phone devices do not sync contacts and appointments to a local computer via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.  Instead Windows Phone syncs contact and appointment data directly to web-based services, such as or to an Exchange Server account.

When I switched over from Windows Mobile devices to my first Windows Phone 7 device, I spent some time exploring the Outlook Hotmail Connector as a way to manage my contacts and appointments on my local computer while also providing a way to make the data available for my new Windows Phone 7. In this tutorial I use Outlook 2010 to demonstrate setting up the Outlook Hotmail Connector. The menu settings are similar for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, but you may have to hunt around for them a bit to find them.

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