Where Can I Get Adobe Flash for my Windows Phone?

If you are looking for the Adobe Flash player app for your mobile device, you can stop now. There is no version of Adobe Flash Player that can be installed on a windows phone.

On November 9, 2011, Danny Winokur, Vice President & General Manager of Interactive Development at Adobe, announced in a blog post entitled “Flash to Focus on PC Browsing & Mobile Apps; Adobe to More Aggressively Contribute to HTML5” that Adobe had discontinued all development of its mobile flash player and instead planned to increase their investment in HTML5 for mobile browsers. Prior to this time, you could find a mobile version of Adobe Flash Player that could be installed on Android-based devices, but on June 28, 2012, Adobe announced that they were discontinuing the Android-based version of Flash and the mobile version of flash would no longer be supported.  The Android-based version of Flash was eventually removed from the Google Play store.

More and more websites have upgraded to HTML5, but many websites still rely on Adobe Flash to play videos and web-based games.  Unfortunately, this means you will encounter websites where your phone won’t be able to play videos or games from websites that still rely Adobe’s Flash Player. There is no workaround for this limitation. When you encounter one of these sites, you can:

  • search the Windows Phone Marketplace to see if there is an app that can be used to view the files on the website; or 
  • contact the site to ask them about their HTML5 migration plans.



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Delete, forward and copy text messages on Windows Phone

To delete an entire text message thread, tap the Messaging tile on the start screen, then press and hold your finger on the thread you want to delete and select “delete” from the menu that pops up.  All of the individual text messages in that thread are deleted from the phone:

text msg2 Capturetext msg3

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Toggle FM Radio sound between headset and phone speaker

When you listen to the FM Radio on a Windows Phone, a wired headset must be plugged into the phone because it acts as the FM radio antenna, but that doesn’t mean you can only listen to the radio through a wired headset.

To listen to the radio through the phone speakers, open up the FM Radio by tapping the Music+Video tile on the Start screen, on the Zune screen, tap radio,

FM1 (5)FM1 (4)

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Here’s an easy way to print files you create on your Windows Phone

Currently, there are only a very limited number of ways to print files that are created on Windows Phone.  Many of the options only provide a way to print photographs that were clicked from a windows phone, while others provide some kind of subscription based service where you upload or email a document to the service and the service sends the file to a networked printer.

I recently read a really great article, called “Print Files from any Mobile Phone using Dropbox” on the digital inspiration blog.  I modified some of the steps that are laid out in the article to clarify how you’d use this method with a Windows Phone. Continue reading Here’s an easy way to print files you create on your Windows Phone

Upload videos to YouTube from your Phone

One of the new features you get with the Mango update to Windows Phone 7 is a way to share videos with others directly from your phone via email or by sharing (uploading) videos to Facebook or SkyDrive.  This means you can now post videos to your YouTube account by emailing your videos to a unique YouTube email address!

Before you can upload videos to your YouTube account, you’ll need find out what your unique email address is by logging on to your YouTube account from your desktop computer.  Click the down arrows just to the right of your user name (see the upper right hand corner of screenshot below) and click the “Settings” option.  Then click “Mobile Setup” under Account Settings to find the unique email address you can use to upload videos to your account. Continue reading Upload videos to YouTube from your Phone

Manage & Share PDF files from Windows Phone 7

A fundamental difference between the Windows Phone 7 operating system and its older Windows Mobile operating system cousin is the way files are handled on devices. Windows Phone 7 does not expose its file system to the end user, so there isn’t a way for you to browse, sort or manage all the files that are stored on the phone from a single application.  Instead each application plays within it’s own “sandbox,” which means each application operates, in many respects, as a stand alone entity within the windows phone operating system infrastructure.  The application controls how users interact with its files. It is left to the application developer to provide options to users for retrieving, backing up, renaming, and organizing files and to provide ways for users to share its files via text message or email.

The Adobe Reader software that Adobe developed for Windows Phone 7 is missing some important options. The application does not provide a way to share PDF files that are stored on the phone with anyone else, nor is there a way to copy or back up PDF files from the phone to the web or to a computer.

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How do I connect my Pocket PC to the internet?

There are three common ways to get your Pocket PC online: By using the WIFI radio on your Pocket PC to connect directly to a WIFI access point; By connecting to your cellular provider’s data network; and by using ActiveSync’s internet passthrough connection.  

Connect to a WIFI Access Point

If your Pocket PC is WIFI enabled, you can connect to the internet via a WIFI access point.  To verify that your Pocket PC is WIFI enabled, tap Start > Settings > System tab > Asset Viewer.  If you find a Wireless LAN module, then your Pocket PC is WIFI enabled.  If your Pocket PC is not WIFI enabled, there are SDIO WIFI cards you can purchase to make the Pocket PC WIFI enabled. 

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