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Adapting to Office 2007

I started using Office 2007 last Fall.  I liked Office 2003, knew my way around it pretty well, and had no intention of upgrading to Office 2007, but when I showed up to teach class on the first day of the semester, I found that the university had updated all the classroom computers to Office 2007.  I use Excel extensively in one of the courses I teach and it was near impossible to teach my class without first figuring out how to navigate the ribbon menuing system in Excel 2007.

After my first day of trying to “wing it,” I knew I was in trouble….I had to learn Excel 2007 and I had to learn it fast!  So I purchased Office 2007 and began updating my lecture materials right away. Now I demonstrate Excel 2007 in class and provide screenshots for students who are still using Excel 2003.  All-in-all it was a frustrating and time consuming experience.


Transitioning from Office 2003 (or an earlier version of Office) to Office 2007 (or a later version of Office) can be very frustrating.  Even after five months or using  Office 2007, I still spend way too much time hunting for the correct menu option to perform even simple tasks.  Along the way, I’ve learned a few things and found some useful tools.

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