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Backup options on Windows Phone

In an earlier article, I discussed how you can backup your contacts, calendars, and tasks from a windows phone by syncing the data to an Outlook.com account. This article continues that discussion by describing additional backup options on Windows Phone 8.x that you can use to automatically backup a phone’s apps, settings, text messages, photos and videos to OneDrive.

You can access these options on a Windows Phone by going to Settings > Backup.


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Receiving & Saving Bluetooth Shared Files on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 uses Hubs and application sandboxes to store and access user files. You can browse and access the files that are stored on the phone by accessing the hub or app that is used to view and work with the file.  Files that are stored on a phone must be associated with a Windows Phone app (native or third party) and files are stored in the associated [opening] app’s hub or “sand box.”

Windows Phone 8 can receive and store files that are shared with it from another Bluetooth connected device. Bluetooth shared files are stored in one of the hubs on the phone or in a compatible app’s sandbox.

Receiving Shared Files via Bluetooth

When a Bluetooth-enabled device shares a file with your Windows Phone, you’ll be prompted to “accept” or “ignore” it (in this example, my laptop which is named AVALON48 is sharing a file with my Nokia Lumia 920).


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