Using the Outlook Hotmail Connector

Windows Phone devices do not sync contacts and appointments to a local computer via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.  Instead Windows Phone syncs contact and appointment data directly to web-based services, such as or to an Exchange Server account. When I switched over from Windows Mobile devices to my first Windows Phone 7 […]

Do You Need to Install Anti-Virus Software on Your Windows Phone?

I’m not concerned about viruses, malware or spyware invading my Windows Phone, and I don’t think you need to be concerned about them either for several reasons: The Windows Phone population is quite small. The people that write viruses hope to get the biggest bang for the smallest buck, so most of these folks probably […]

Sync Outlook 2013 to a Microsoft Account

If you’ve installed Outlook 2013 to your computer, you can sync your Contacts, Calendar AND Tasks (yes, Tasks) to your Microsoft account and you don’t need to install the Outlook Hotmail Connector to do it – the functionality is built into the software. Once the data is synced to your Microsoft account, it is available […]

Windows Phone can announce your incoming callers by name

Your phone can announce your incoming callers by name if you enable the “speech for phone accessibility” option that is found by going to Settings > ease of access > tap the ON/OFF toggle: When the “speech for phone accessibility” toggle is turned to the ON position the phone will announce the name of the […]

Where Can I Get Adobe Flash for my Windows Phone?

If you are looking for the Adobe Flash player app for your mobile device, you can stop now. There is no version of Adobe Flash Player that can be installed on a windows phone. On November 9, 2011, Danny Winokur, Vice President & General Manager of Interactive Development at Adobe, announced in a blog post […]