The 2015 Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference



On Friday, May 15th, I made a presentation at the 2015 Microsoft Virtual Conference that focused on how you can:

  • Maximize your use of a Microsoft account (namely, your and OneDrive accounts) and
  • Use a Windows Phone to tap into the functionality of the account.

Here’s a list of blog articles that cover most of what I covered in my presentation: & a Microsoft Account

  1. What is a Microsoft Account?
  2. Use as a Data Repository for Your Contacts, Calendars and Tasks
  3. Export Contacts From the People Hub of
  4. Filtering Contacts in the People Hub on Windows Phone 
  5. Filtering Appointments From the Calendar Hub on Windows Phone
  6. Share Your Calendar in


  1. Share OneDrive Files & Folders with Another Microsoft Account
  2. Search for Files on OneDrive for Windows Phone
  3. Access Multiple Accounts via the OneDrive App for Windows Phone
  4. Add a PIN Code to the OneDrive App for Windows Phone
  5. Create Virtual Photo Albums in the OneDrive App for Windows Phone & the Office Hub

  1. Working with Documents on Windows Phone via the Office Hub


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