Toggle FM Radio sound between headset and phone speaker

When you listen to the FM Radio on a Windows Phone, a wired headset must be plugged into the phone because it acts as the FM radio antenna, but that doesn’t mean you can only listen to the radio through a wired headset.

To listen to the radio through the phone speakers, open up the FM Radio by tapping the Music+Video tile on the Start screen, on the Zune screen, tap radio,

FM1 (5)FM1 (4)

Select the station you want to listen to and tap the play icon on the bottom of the screen.

You can toggle the sound between the wired headset and the phone speaker by pressing and holding your finger on the screen and choosing “switch to speaker” or “switch to headset” (the menu selection changes based on the phone’s current FM sound setting.

FM1 (1)   FM1