Troubles texting pictures and other media on your phone?

Most modern cell phones provide a way to send and receive short text messages via SMS (Short Message Service) and to send and receive short text messages with attached photos, videos and music via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). 

  • SMS (Short Message Service) is used to send text only messages
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is used to send text messages that include attached files (music, pictures, videos).

If the phone’s MMS APN (access point network) settings are not correctly configured for your cellular provider, you might still be able to send and receive SMS messages (text only) on the phone, but you won’t be able to send or receive) MMS messages on the phone. 

The MMS APN settings are unique for each cellular provider, so you need to check with your cellular provider to find out the correct settings to use on your phone.

Once you know the correct MMS APN settings for your carrier, you can review and modify the phone’s MMS APN settings.

Modifying a phone’s MMS APN settings

On the phone go to Settings > Cellular+SIM > Tap “SIM settings”


Tap the “edit MMS APN” button


Input the correct cellular settings into the spaces provided


Problematic carriers

I have seen threads on Microsoft’s Answers forums that have been posted from users who have reported problems finding the correct MMS APN settings for their phones for the following carriers:


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