Upload videos to YouTube from your Phone

One of the new features you get with the Mango update to Windows Phone 7 is a way to share videos with others directly from your phone via email or by sharing (uploading) videos to Facebook or SkyDrive.  This means you can now post videos to your YouTube account by emailing your videos to a unique YouTube email address!

Before you can upload videos to your YouTube account, you’ll need find out what your unique email address is by logging on to your YouTube account from your desktop computer.  Click the down arrows just to the right of your user name (see the upper right hand corner of screenshot below) and click the “Settings” option.  Then click “Mobile Setup” under Account Settings to find the unique email address you can use to upload videos to your account.


Create a contact on your phone for YouTube and save your unique email address to it.  Now whenever you want to upload videos to YouTube from your mobile phone:

  • Tap the Pictures tile on the phone’s start screen
  • Tap camera roll
  • Find and tap the video you want to share to open it up
  • Press & hold your finger on the video, then tap “share….”
  • Select an email account
  • Tap the + sign to the far right of the “To:” field and select your YouTube contact
  • Input a title in the Subject field of the email
  • Tap the Send icon.