2 thoughts on “You Can Change Your login Email Address on your Microsoft Account”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the post. I had the same situation, with a “Microsoft Account” from over a decade ago with a yahoo.com login… I recently added a new outlook.com alias, and made it primary. Unfortunately, after I did a hard reset of my Windows 7.x Nokia phone, and logged in with my new primary outlook.com alias, I still have two lingering problems: 1) an app that I bought under the yahoo.com alias does not appear in the marketplace as having been purchased by me. That sucks. Even though it appears as being purchased on the web version of my Microsoft account. Am I mistaken that app purchases should carry over when changing aliases? 2) I also have another annoying problem that may be unrelated: I now auto-forward my yahoo.com emails to outlook.com. When replying to emails using my Windows 7.x phone sent to my yahoo.com email, but retrieved via outlook.com (displayed annoyingly as Hotmail on the home screen icon), the email fails to send to the sender because apparently Windows Phone tries to reply as X-Originating-Email: myemail@yahoo.com!! Get postmaster undeliverable errors. I have no such problem when using the Outlook.com web interface. Oh well… Anyone else have this problem?!?

    1. Yes, your purchase history should show up under your new primary account. Only one app is missing? Have you purchases others that show up fine under your new primary alias? Could you tell me what the name of the app is? Yes, if you reply to an email you receive via one of your alias email addresses, the Sent From email address will be from the email address that the email was sent to (in your case, if you receive an email via the yahoo alias, and reply to it, the email will be sent form the yahoo alias email address). If you still use the Yahoo.com email (and haven’t deleted it) I’m not sure why your phone has problems sending email from that email address. I have an yahoo.com account that I never use for email, so unfortunately I don’t have any experience working with Yahoo email.

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